Calorimeter Chips

The XEN-393 and XEN-394 series of micro-machined thin-film calorimeter sensors are designed for measurements on small samples with high temperature scanning rates. The XEN-393 series are made with aluminium interconnections, limiting them to a lower temperature range than the XEN-394 series, which has gold interconnections.

The sensors have single or dual ultra-thin silicon-nitride membranes, which are characterized by a high thermal resistance to the ambient and a very small time constant. This makes these sensors particularly suited for measurements in gaseous environments and for fast measurements, such as Fast Scanning Calorimetry.

Chips 500 ºC

Chips 1000 ºC

Liquid Chips

Mettler-Toledo Flash DSC 2+ Specials

Xensor offers a range of calorimeter chips based on single SiN thin membranes with heated sample areas of different sizes: the XEN-39390 series.
The sample areas range from 8×14 μm2 up to 1×1 mm2. Having aluminum metallization, the temperature range is from 0 K up to 800 K. The smaller the sample area, the faster the upper scan rate, up to 10 MK/s.
Standard housings are TO-5 header, ceramic base plate with flex connector or LCC-20.

Brochure XEN-393 series

Datasheet XEN-393 series

The calorimeter chips with gold metallization can go up to beyond the silver point (0 K up to 1300 K): the XEN-39469 to XEN-39473.
These chips have dual SiN membranes (sample & reference), with sample areas from 5×5 μm2 up to 150 μm Ø. The smaller the sample area, the faster the upper scan rate, up to 250 MK/s.
Standard housings are Mettler-Toledo ceramic, ceramic base plate with flex connector, TO-5 header or LCC-20.

Brochure XEN-394 series

Datasheet XEN-394 series

A number of liquid calorimeter chips is available.
The older generation chips measure  5×5 mm2 or 10×10 mm2 with robust silicon membranes of 6 μm up to 45 μm thickness. They come in 68-pins PGA ceramic housings, compatible with PGA-ZIF connectors.

Liquid calorimeters Si: datasheet XEN-NCM9924

The new generation liquid calorimeters use the Mettler-Toledo chip with dual  SiN membranes. They have polymer covers with 4 access holes to prevent evaporation (see right).

For the Mettler-Toledo Flash DSC 2+ chip calorimeter Xensor offers specials not (yet) officially supported by Mettler-Toledo.
The XEN-39400liq is for measuring at 1-μl liquid samples with scan rates up to 500 K/s.
A separate holder and toolkit are available for this sensor.

Liquid calorimeters SiN: datasheet XEN-39400liq
The XEN-39476 is conform the XEN-39400liq, but with a 50 or 100 μm Ø optical window in the center allowing optical measurements.

Opto calorimeter: datasheet XEN-39476