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Thermal conductivity sensors XEN-3700: TCG Ruler 50 cm XEN-3700
  XEN-TCG3880: gas type + vacuum meas. XEN-TCG3880
  XEN-TCG3880 + Pt100 or Pt1000 XEN-TCG3880
  XEN-5320: XEN-TCG3880 with read-out CAN / USB / WIFI XEN-5320
  XEN-5320-HAND: XEN-TCG3880 + display, portable XEN-5320-HAND
  XEN-5350: USB 5 channel read out for Ruler (XEN-3700) XEN-5350
  XEN-84000: CAN bus accessories XEN-84000
  XEN-85030: flowadapter for XEN-TCG3880 XEN-TCG3880
Gas nano calorimeters XEN-394..     gold series Nanogoldseries
  XEN-393..     series Nanogas
  XEN-392..     series (older versions) Nanogas-old
  XEN-39476  opto sensor Nanogas-opto
Liquid nano calorimeters XEN-39400liq Nanoliq-XEN-39400
  XEN-86000: Holder for XEN-39400liq Nanoliq-XEN-39400
  XEN-86010: Toolkit for XEN-39400liq Nanoliq-XEN-39400
  XEN-LCM/NCM Nanoliq
TO-5 accessories XEN-80010: TO-5 socket TO5socPCB
  XEN-80011: TO-5 socket on PCB TO5socPCB
  XEN-80020: TO-5 storage box, 40 pos. TO5box
  XEN-80030: TO-5 transport tray, 20 pos. TO5box
Flow sensors XEN-GFL9722: thick-film gas flow sensor XEN-GFL9722
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